October 28, 2009, Baltimore, Maryland - Acrodyne Communications, Inc. announced that it closed its manufacturing facility in Oaks, PA as of September 30, 2009

As previously announced, Acrodyne Industries, Inc. closed its manufacturing and engineering activities on September 30, 2009. This action was unavoidable due to the current state of the television transmission equipment market.

Subsequent to closing its Pennsylvania operation, the company recently completed the sale of its inventory and other assets, at a significant discount from book value.

This asset sale was conducted on a close bid basis and multiple bids were received. Bidders were required to commit to providing continued service to Acrodyne's customers' transmitters. Sinclair Broadcast Group was the highest bidder and, in addition, was the buyer that offered the best program to continue with service for Acrodyne's IOT and solid state transmitters.

Funds received from the asset sale, along with cash generated through normal operations will be used to pay as much as possible of the Company's liabilities. The Company did not seek bankruptcy protection and instead is maximizing payment to its creditors by redeploying what would have been substantial legal fees.

Full technical service and parts support for Acrodyne Industries' extensive installed base of transmitters is now available from Acrodyne Services, LLC. There is not any affiliation between Acrodyne Services, LLC and Acrodyne Industries, Inc.

Please use the link below to contact Acrodyne Services for all your technical service and parts support needs.


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